Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Catholics for Trump??

The only explanation I can find for a group calling itself Catholics for Trump is very basic: its members, like those Catholics who voted for him in 2016, understand very little about Christianity. Instead, they follow an ideology of some bishops that privilege the abortion and contraception issue over such fundamental beliefs as loving one's neighbor. I refer mainly to justice for immigrants and the working poor.  They follow a right-wing type of Catholicism that is mindless, reductive, and dangerous.

This must also be true of Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who called the Liar in Chief "a great gentleman" and "a great friend of mine."  He was called out for doing so by the Sisters of St. Joseph, who wrote that Trump is notorious for his "consistent lying and for poor judgment."  They mentioned his mistreatment of immigrants.

I would go further:  the President is so devoid of any empathy for those now dying of COVID, of human feeling for the suffering poor, of rational judgment in dismissing scientific facts, of decency in his insults hurled daily at women, minorities, and anyone who dares to challenge him that he stands in direct opposition to Gospel values.  He is a man without a soul who causes confusion daily by embarrassing Tweets that end up spreading falsehood.  His only concern is with himself, not his fellow human beings.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" is not part of the GOP playbook and has never been part of Trump's cult of narcissism.  So it is shocking and disturbing to find Catholics organizing themselves in support of this man's re-election.

And to the Catholic bishops like Dolan, I would say, Stop pandering to power. Leave the GOP political agenda to the evangelical right. along with their love of unfettered capitalism, nationalism, and individualism--all antithetical to authentic Christianity.  Speak out in favor of truth, honesty, and compassion.

I don't know if there really are Catholic voters, as there once were, but for a Catholic to support the re-election of Donald Trump is not thinking straight or practicing Christian values.

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Ned Kessler said...

I read the book written by Donald Trump's niece, Mary, and I'm now part way through the book written by the now disgraced Michael Cohn, Donald's (former) personal lawyer. Both books describe who the real Donald Trump is by revealing specific details of Donald's actions and attitudes. Based on those details, one might easily conclude that the man has no compassion for anyone. They show a man who wants to win at all costs no matter what it takes. The Michael Cohen book takes the reader behind the scenes that we saw on TV and / or read in the newspapers.