Monday, September 1, 2014

All in the Family

As the literary agent and publicist for my wife, Lynn Schiffhorst, I thought I would use this post to announce, to parents,grandparents and others who like to read to children, that she has published several new "read-aloud" stories on Kindle.  You may find on her Amazon page something inexpensive as a gift for a child in your family. There are many titles to choose from.

These include two stories about a little wind that lives at the North Pole and plays tricks on people:  "Gusty Wants More Time"  and "Gusty Plays his Tricks."  Gusty, of course, is the little wind (a challenge for any illustrator).

Several other books feature Giggle, a little ghost who goes to school (she's in the 4th grade) and enjoys helping people.  This week, a reviewer, Jaclyn Bartz (author of The Retired Tooth Fairy) wrote this about Giggle Goes to the Moon, a collection of three stories:

     "These sweet stories are a great addition to any child's bookshelf, or, in this case, Kindle library.  Lynn Schiffhorst tells each tale in a precise, fast-paced manner. . . a well-executed, well-crafted work."

The full review by Ms. Bartz is at  The reviewer notes the positive attitude toward a disabled child in one of these Giggle stories.

Another reviewer on Amazon had this to say about Lynn's book, "A Cat and Mouse Christmas":
    A lovely story to add to this magical season!

If my followers and/or their friends are thinking about giving books to children in the coming months--especially books to be read to children--I hope they will consider some of Lynn Schiffhorst's special Kindle editions, which require a smartphone, Ipad, or Kindle.  Most are priced at 99 cents.
All are listed on her page.

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