Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new literary journal

After years of claiming that I write only non-fiction, I completed a long short story last year, "Opening Doors," which will appear in the first issue of new literary magazine, The Provo Canyon Review.

It is edited by Chris and Erin McClelland, Chris being an old Florida friend and ex-student, an assistant editor of Narrative magazine and a skilled fiction writer.  They moved to Utah and hope to have some printed copies of their new journal for the Sundance crowd, even though most readers will access the Review electronically.

I wish them the very best.

And, with their blessing, I am happy to invite writers of fiction and non-fiction, who may wish to submit something to a new review that is looking for talented writers, to visit and see what happens.

It's an interesting coincidence that I finished editing "Opening Doors" on the very afternoon when the media were abuzz with news of a papal election that may well open some new doors in the Catholic Church. At least, with a man named Francis, it is hopeful.

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