Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Fascist Fantasy

In all that is being said about the Gainesville pastor who claims that the Gospel says "hate thy neighbor" and "hate your enemies," I haven't seen anyone seriously suggest that he should be legally prevented from burning Korans on Saturday because of the obvious harm to American troops and America itself.

Oh, to be a Fascist and not to be bothered with Constitutional niceties...but even the first amendment does not allow, as the courts have historically declared, someone to shout "fire" in a crowded theater. And when the freedom to practice one's religion involves committing a hate crime, it seems to me that the greater good (security) must come ahead of the rights of the individual.

Of course, I subscribe to the venerable Christian notion, alluded to in some of Obama's remarks as he sought the presidency, that we must balance individual liberties with respect for the common good, however that is defined.

The Tea Party lady quoted at the recent Glenn Beck rally who declared that "I shouldn't be forced to buy medical care..." was one of those radical individualists who populate the American landscape, past and present.

To them, freedom means doing what they want. The Gainesville pastor, who fears Islam less than he fears loss of media attention and therefore power of himself more than the Bible or the common good.

The government, as upholder of the common good, should prevent him from proceeding with his incendiary action.

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