Monday, June 14, 2010

What'll I do?

What'll I do on my vacation? I've been asked this several times when I tell people we are going to spend ten days in New England. Some people seemed puzzled by such a trip.

What I will do, I want to say, is enjoy myself. I plan to take in the beauty and cool air (we hope) and just BE. Does there have to be a lot of exciting things to do?

I know the skiing season is over, and we don't do whitewater rafting or anything much except walking to bookstores, museums, and restaurants and enjoying a change of scene. I hope that's enough.

I hope I'm not let down by the expectations of others. I might be so anxious I won't be able to relax and will have to send postcards and e-mails to reassure everyone at home that our vacation is absolutely Wonderful!!

If only more people could allow themselves the freedom to be--without necessarily doing a lot.

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